How to download AHRI certificates (Residential & Commercial)

AHRI Web Link: (This AHRI webpage is optimized for use with Google Chrome browser)

The following LG air-conditioning heat pump systems can be found in the AHRI certified product performance directory:



Air-conditioners and Heat pumps

Commercial (*air-source systems ≥ 65K Btu/h nominal cooling capacity)

Example: Search for residential system > LMU180HHV 


By default the file name is AHRICertificate

You can also download the applicable ENERGY GUIDE label.

Example: Search for commercial system > ARUM216BTE5


Press: Search button

By default the file name is AHRICertificate

There is another method to search, if you know the AHRI Certified reference number.

Insert that in the field in the upper right hand corner.

Another way is to change the radio button in upper right hand corner to Model Number.

Enter Model Number: ARUM216BTE5

This will search for systems matching that model number or modules with that number. See below.

That same search can be done for Residential systems.

Search by AHRI Certified reference number.

Search by ODU Model number